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Club Management System

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Club Management System

Clubs are the perfect retreat for families, sports enthusiast and businessmen looking for a quality experience, where they can rely on efficient services. It is also the place to evolve and grow, enabling you to embrace an active lifestyle while socializing. The management of the club members and club amenities is a challenging one.


Club icon Member ship registration with Member’s Name, Category, address, Area, Type of customer , spouse details, children’s details with age checking with the help of date of birth
Club icon  Registration form included Security questions, which will help the security for identifying the members in case of any doubts.
Club icon  ID card generation for each member
Club icon  Membership fee posting and collection
Club icon  Member will identified by magnetic card reading
Club icon  Membership cancellation and blocks entry into club
Club icon  Club entries with the help of Magnetic card reading
Club icon  Club entries the facility to enter gust numbers and if it exceed the permitted numbers will give message for collecting extra payment
Club icon  Weekend charges settings
Club icon  Peek time settings
Club icon  Club entries – manual search facility with id number, name, etc
Club icon  New card issue in case of loss of the old one, and the penalty charging option
Club icon  Deactivation of the old card.
Club icon  Daily operational reports and MIS reports
Club icon  Peek time attendance report and Membership cancellation report