Vehicle Management System

An intelligent system that provides managementof fleet and its maintenance for vehicles owned and rented. It is very essential for companies which have huge number of vehicle fleet, the system can help them by improving efficiency, productivity, driver performance, fuel consumption, violation control, vehicle history, dashboards, reports and analytics and costing of the fleet.

Vehicle Tracking

Dashboard that can easily track unlimited fleet vehicles with all the details that you need to manage including vehicle name, make, model, employee name, employee code, branch information, project details and status whether the vehicle is active or idle or under maintenance. You can also filter the vehicles on the dashboard by giving filters of employee code, employee name, vendor name (if the vehicle is rented), project name, vehicle plate number and vehicle name.


Operational processes like vehicle purchase or rental purchase, vehicle registration, vehicle issue to an employee, return from the employee and vehicle transfer can be done by selecting multiple vehicles from the main dashboard itself which makes the job easy for the fleet department.


Track the repair and maintenance of vehicles easily with a separate dashboard, which makes it easy to identify the complaint registered vehicles based on Priority and Token ID. The entire process of repair and maintenance is done like transferring to the service center, taking replacement car, work orders of repair and car return from the service center.

Fuel Consumption

Tracking the fuel consumption is an important aspect of fleet management. The software has a facility for fuel card entry and performs fuel calculations which gives you a detailed reporting and costing daily, weekly, monthly and by custom period.

Employee Deduction

The system has a feature to record traffic violations made by the employees and trends in neglect and abuse on the vehicle. A report that can easily analyzed for the employee behavior and their deductions is available which can be a handy input for the Human Resource department during salary posting.

Reports and Analytics

Reports are indispensable when you manage fleet and its maintenance. We have wide range of reports at your ease of access and fingertips from simple vehicle listing reports to detailed periodical cost analysis reports. We have both static and dynamic reports with filtering option inbuilt and you can extract it from the system and print, email and export it into excel spread sheet.