Restaurant Management Software Bahrain

Restaurant Management

Delivery order taking with Driver Tracking

Modifiers and Different Unit of Measurements

Wireless Ordering taking that mobilize your waiter staff

Queue Management with Token System

Counter Closing and Account Posting to Finance Module

Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management System is highly recommended for general type Restaurant, Sandwich Shop, Pizzeria, Steak House, Coffee shops, Deli, Buffet, Catering Business, Doughnut, Pastry Shop, Chocolate Shops and more. Our state of art system makes your kitchen easier to manage with Kitchen Display System and Kitchen Printers; which also helps in reducing the number of staff required and automates the communication between Waiter / Waitress and Order Pickup area. Mobilize your waiter staff and empower management with our Wireless Handheld POS. The time consuming process of handwriting an order and walking to a POS Terminal to re-key it becomes obsolete when servers are equipped with the Wireless Handheld POS. It also allows to process payments at the table and eliminate fraud.

Our Restaurant Management System modules RMS, Inventory and Finance are integrated and forms a complete ERP.


Restaurant icon Take away & dine in ordering in single window
Restaurant icon Delivery order taking with driver tracking
Restaurant icon Multiple payment methods :
Credit Card, Credit, Debit Card, Gift Vouchers, Multiple Currency & Cash
Restaurant icon Loyalty / privilege card for customers
Modifiers and different unit of measurements
Restaurant icon Happy hour sale, offer and discount management
Restaurant icon Kitchen display system and kitchen printers
Restaurant icon Table management
Restaurant icon Queue management with token system
Restaurant iconRestaurant icon CRM – On the first order customer database is created for takeaway and delivery
Restaurant icon Wireless ordering taking that mobilize your waiter staff
Restaurant icon Import and export from branches to head office automatically with a specified time interval
Restaurant icon Does not rely 100% on VPN connection by offline branch system
Restaurant icon Counter closing and account posting to finance module
Restaurant icon Digital menu and digital signage which can be controlled and created in the Head Office

Back Office Inventory Management

Manage detailed inventory records, maintain optimal inventory levels, simplify inventory transactions, automate frequently performed tasks, ship and receive goods, track material location information, track serial numbers, utilize bar coding and perform cycle counting and physical inventories. Inventory Management software deals with a whole range of software tools or modules used in executing inventory transactions, managing supplier relationships and controlling associated business processes. Our Inventory Module provides information to efficiently manage the flow of materials, effectively utilize people and equipment to coordinate internal activities and communicate with customers. It provides the information to managers who make more accurate and timely decisions to manage their operations.

Recipe creation
Restaurant icon Menu engineering
Restaurant icon Food cost report for each branches
Centralized ordering & procurement.
Restaurant icon Centralized reporting
Restaurant icon Centralized delivery management
Restaurant icon Variance settings for production from central kitchen and other preparations
Restaurant iconRestaurant icon Can manage different branches on a single inventory 4.0 module using user credentials
Restaurant icon Ingredients reduction when sale is posted from POS
Restaurant icon Production from central kitchen can be set with a variance margin
Restaurant icon Ideal and actual usage of ingredients with variance and its value
Restaurant icon Branch wise product assigning
Restaurant icon Warehouse transfer to branches with automatic updating on Branch’s Purchase form
Restaurant icon Account posting to finance module
Restaurant icon Dynamic reporting based on SAP crystal reports


The Finance Resource Management Module is an integrated Financial and Planning System. It has the capabilities of meeting all the accounting and financing needs of an organization. The real-time functionality of this module allows for better decision-making and strategic planning. Create budgets, monitor and project cash flow, process accounts payable and accounts receivable, reconcile financial accounts, perform drill-down analysis, and track material, labor and production cost. Define Tax parameters and conditions with due date alert reminder. Complete forecast and control of banking and can track any transaction via cheque number. Loan availed from various financial institutions management, provision also available to lend the loan and take complete control on the lending.

All kind of vouchers,
Restaurant icon Multi journal & multi cash payment features
Restaurant iconRestaurant icon Journal entry for different cost centers
Restaurant icon Vendor center
Restaurant icon Customer center
Restaurant icon Vendor bill payment with easy pay bills option
Restaurant icon Automatic billing income posted from branch’s POS
Restaurant icon Purchase bills automatically posted from inventory module which can eliminate malpractices
Restaurant icon Cost center management
Restaurant icon Banking and cheque management
Restaurant icon Dynamic reports based on SAP crystal report
Restaurant icon Customer loyalty management
Restaurant icon Easy to use