E-Commerce Application

StoreOnTheGo is an E-commerce all in one software that has been delivering highest standards and faultless shopping experience. We have been redeveloping the way users would like to shop in a futuristic approach. We always focus on all type of vendors from small scale to large scale to enhance their business with upcoming online boosts. It has advanced functionalities like admin area management, mobile application, system-level features like notifications, integrations, marketing, banners, campaigns, offer settings, cross sell, up sell, abandoned carts, inventory management and order reassignment.


Dashboard Analytics

Cockpit that gives you quick insight of the business with charts and data

Catalog Management

Products, Categories & Sub-Categories

Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory, Threshold Value, Min. & Max. Qty Allowed in Cart, Notification .

Customer Management

Customer Groups, Online Customers, Offers for Privileged Customers

Return Requests

Refund Handling, Credit Memos, Return to Stock


Offers, Discounts, Coupon Code Generation

Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery, Online Payment and Other Modes of Payment

Customer Engagement

Abandoned Carts, SMS, Email Newsletter, Push Notifications

Related, Up-Sell & Cross-Sell

In addition to the item customers are looking at, Up-sell is offered to customers as a pricier or higher quality alternatives, Impulse buy products appear next to the add item to the cart


Restaurant icon Advanced Order Management System
Restaurant icon User Management
Restaurant icon Content Management System
Tax & Currency Management
Restaurant icon Reports & Statistics
Restaurant icon Product Listing
Restaurant icon Banner Ads & On-Site Promotions
Restaurant icon Delivery Methods & Pickup Management
Restaurant icon Messaging System Integration
Restaurant icon Category Management



Offers & Coupon Redemption

Restaurant icon Offer listings
Restaurant icon Voucher Code Redemption

Multiple Payment

Restaurant icon Online Payment
Restaurant icon Cash on Delivery
Restaurant icon Apple Pay, STC Pay

Combined Products

Restaurant icon Products combined with other products

Similar Products

Restaurant icon Related products to a particular product will be listed as customer also viewed

Save for Later

Restaurant icon Add to Wishlist
Restaurant icon Purchase Later
Restaurant icon Add to cart directly

Profile Management

Restaurant icon Account Details
Restaurant icon Past Orders


Restaurant icon Product Filtering
Restaurant icon Favourites
Restaurant icon Product Comparison
Multi Language
Restaurant icon Nearby Store Access
Restaurant icon Offers & Promotions Section
Restaurant icon Push Notification
Restaurant icon Smart Search
Restaurant icon Category & Brand Searches
Restaurant icon Points & Rewards Collection
Restaurant icon Recommendations
Restaurant icon 3 Step Checkout