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Health Club Management System

Gym, Fitness Centers and Health Clubs have always been a popular industry. And normally they have a wide variety of exercise equipment and training services. But they also offer health and beauty treatments to those people who aren't just concerned about fitness, but overall health as well. The booking and scheduling of the services, equipment and trainers are a challenging factor. With our Health Club Management System you can easily handle all these and record and analyze the customer’s fitness details. It gives you the facilities like reminders of expired member details, freeze the membership for a certain period, seasonal offers for the regular customers and more.


fitness icon  Master data of membership
fitness icon  Membership registration
fitness icon  Service registration
fitness icon  Membership freezing and entry
fitness icon  Due Report
fitness icon  Membership ledger and expiry
fitness icon  Income and Expenses Report
fitness icon  Daily collection summary
fitness icon  Visitor details report
fitness icon  Seasonal offers and promotion