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Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

Labor planning

Infinite capacity planning

Better control of inventory

Demand planning and forecasting

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

This module facilitates the integration of many areas of the manufacturing enterprise in to a single entity. Therefore you can plan and control purposes more easily from board level to operative and from five-year plan to individual shop-floor operation. It builds on closed-loop Material Requirements Planning by adopting the feedback principle and also extends it to additional areas of the enterprise, primarily manufacturing-related. It is a total company management concept for using human resources more productively.


manufacturing icon Cost and inventory tracking by work order
manufacturing icon Forecast and skewed demand entry by SKU
manufacturing icon Infinite capacity planning
manufacturing icon Labor planning
manufacturing icon Better control of inventory
manufacturing icon Improve cash flow through quicker deliveries
manufacturing icon Setting raw materials and labor requirements
manufacturing icon Scheduling production and setting production levels
manufacturing icon Preparing work orders and job cards
manufacturing icon Daily, Batch wise and Product wise raw material consumption
manufacturing icon Demand planning and forecasting